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small’ copy profiler and die sinker machine + Cub inverter
+ Cub inverter runs on 240volts Some notes edited from a customer. You will see in the picture the head bar is set at ratio 2, in fact all bars must be set the same. your cutter and stylus must also be related the same, i.e. a 3 mm cutter using a 6 mm stylus. Or a 3 mm stylus using a 6 mm cutter. You need a good set of stylus’s of different sizes to enable rough cutting oversize and on size cutters for finish cuts. The machine you have has a round nose stylus in the stylus copy holder which would suggest that the owner was die sinking. There is a round collar to the left hand side of the machine which if removed allows the pantograph to move up and down to cut down into a shape. Usually a round nose stylus is used along with a round nosed cutter. I only use ‘D’ shaped carbide cutters for profiling (cutting ) one eighth ground flat stock plates. I have always used Pantograph Services who supply reasonable cutters to size. You can use other ratios which can give better control of the pantograph arms but you must then use cutter and stylus equal to reflect the ratio. I've only ever worked at 2:1 or 1:2. machining. You never let go the pantograph until the machine has stopped. Its very dangerous if the pantograph jumps free. What you can’t do is cut 1:1 on this machine, but you can swap the cutter position to the stylus position and and Visa Versa and make a double size new master , then copy that back for an item at original wanted size. The machine you have looks clean and well looked after.
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