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  Myford Parts (NEW):

ML1073/1209, 65 tooth backgear checking stock
ML1030/130,topslide screw,A6520 + nut A7359 imperial£34
ML1030/131,topslide screw,A7343 + nut A7337 metric£34
ML1030/126,cross slide screw,A7881 + nut A7359 imperial£37
ML1030/127,cross slide screw,A8199 + nut A7337metric £37
ML1030/128,cross slide screw / long,118835 + nut / A7359 imperial£43
ML1030/129,cross slide screw / long,118835 + nut / A7337 metric£43
MYFORD Tripus on / off switch Made in Germany / New pictures £90
ML7B17, 70/122665t back gear assembly sold out
ML7B35, 70/124220T tumbler gear£19
ML7B36, 70/124118T tumbler gear£19
ML7B50, 70/121821/56 back gear cluster£45
ML730/137, top slide screw 70/1408 + nut 70/1302 imperial£35
ML730/138, top slide screw A4731 + nut / 70/1302 metric£35
ML730/133, cross slide (standard size) screw + nut imperial checking stock
ML730/134, cross slide screw A4730 + nut A1648 metric£38
ML730/135, cross slide screw + nut / long imperial checking stock
ML730/136, cross slide screw A7822 + nut A1648 / long ML7/ML7Rmetric£44
ML7C27, 70/1337cross slide ball handle assembly£25
ML7C13, 70/1303micrometer dial£25
ML770/1328 wiper felt / narrow rifle guide £6.50
ML770/1327 wiper felt housing narrow guide £9.50
ML7KA16, A8735wiper felt / wide bridge guide £6.50
ML788736 wiper felt housing / wide guide 9.50
ML7D23, 75/1310/1leadscrew nut / 5/8"£70
ML7ER4, 70/1509thrust plate£12
ML7ER6, 70/1520/1 hand wheel assembly sold
ML7ER24, 70/1507/ pad bolt and bush formerly 75/1507£20
ML7ER21, A2798 barrel sold
ML7ER26, 13354 barrel locking lever formerly 75/1504£20
ML7L12, A1975/3ACC leadscrew nut £75
ML7A1853/1, 2 1/2" pulley / 5/8" bore £25
ML7A1974/1 fine feed tumbler £35
ML770/1136/1 changewheel stud / ML7 £30
ML7belts available: headstock and motor drive the pair £20
MYFORD Tripus on / off switch Made in Germany / New pictures £90
Super 7H36, A200630T tumbler gear £22
Super 7H46, A200728T tumbler gear£22
Super 7H51, A193917/53T back gear cluster£55
Super 7H80, A1993/260T back gear£70
Super 7H81, A2002/2back gear key£19
Super 730/143, top slide screw A2092/1 + nut / A1456 imperial£62
Super 730/144, top slide screw A2282 + nut A2166metric £62
Super 730/140, cross slide screw A2281 + nut / A1648 metric£68
Super 7 cross slide screw A9190/1 + nut 10014 power cross feed model imperial£93
Super 730/142, cross slide screw A9307/1 + nut 10018 power cross feed model metric£93
Super 770/132, wiper felt / narrow guide £6.50
Super 770/1327 wiper felt housing narrow rifle type guide £9.50
Super 7KA16, A8735wiper felt / wide guide £6.50
Super 7KA16, A8735wiper felt / wide guide; SPECIAL DEAL ON OUR LAST FELTS 5 (five) for:- picture£20
Super 788736 wiper felt housing / wide bridge type guide £9.50
Super 7KA39, A2072/1micrometer dial£35
Super 7KA41, A2073ball handle assembly£35
Super 7KA55, A2079micrometer dial/imp£35
Super 7KA56, A2093ball handle assembly£35
Super 7KA57, 75/1406tool clamp stud£19
Super 7KA62, 75/1412nut / tool clamp£7
Super 7KA65, A9188/1end bracket£55
Super 7LA11, A9196leadscrew guard£24
Super 7LA21, A2087hand wheel assembly£45
Super 7LA23, A9199rack pinion assembly£45
Super 7L12, A1975/2 leadscrew nut (pre power cross slide) £75
Super 7LA53, A1975/3leadscrew nut£75
Super 7M17, A2117barrel feed nut £75
Super 7M3, A2118/1pad bolt and bush£22
Super 7M37, 10297barrel locking lever£19
Super 7Q201, A2602/2screw cutting chart£25
Super 7Q228, A7934metric screw cutting chart£19
Super 7Q233, 80004knob (Everite ref; 780)£14
Super 7A1974A/1 fine feed tumbler £35
Super 71485 changewheel stud / ML7R / Super 7 £30
Super 7Motor pulley, two step / cast iron for better balance £49
Super 7Belts available: headstock and motor drive the pair £20
MYFORD Tripus on / off switch Made in Germany / New pictures £90
254/ 13985 and 254S 12104 name plateseach £20
ML7 / Super 7 boat tooling NEW picturevarious
ML7 / Super 7 leadscrew dial indicator £39
ML10 / ML7 / Super 72MT headstock adapter to fit tailstock £29
Myford 1438 collet nose £20
Myford 11420 face plate clamps £15
Myford 33/053 4 x 6" tee bolts £12
Myford 33/067 4 x 4" tee bolts £10
Myford DCA/R16 arbor for R8-6JT £12
ML7 / Super 7 9" large face plate £75
Myfordreplacement centre(STC/ACP/H-2)for ACP/H2 automatic centre punch £6
MyfordA4947 lever ball knob for Myford 4 way tool post £16
MyfordA3611/1 compression spring for A3610/1 (3610/1) lubricating wick sold
Myford4 way tool turret 70/1911/1 ring + 3 screws £17
MyfordMA71 Myford vice tommy bar £2
MyfordA3610/1 Super 7 wick sold
Myford41/011 Jacobs 3-16mm chuck hand operated £84
Myford14mm tee bolts, nuts and washers £8
MyfordChrome handle + slip dial possibly 254 carriage handle pictures£65m
MyfordTailstock handle support £35
MyfordBig bore back plates £65 each
MyfordApproved oil straight from Myfordselection-each checking stock
MyfordMyford specification poster / plastic £2
Myford2MT thread adapters each £20
MYFORD Tripus on / off switch Made in Germany / New pictures £90
Myford No.20 changewheel new stock £10
Myford No.21 changewheel new stock £10
Myford No.22 changewheel £8
Myford No.24 changewheel sold
Myford No.25 changewheel sold
Myford No.27 changewheel £10
Myford No.28 changewheel sold
Myford No.29 changewheel £11
Myford No.30 changewheel £11
Myford No.31 changewheel £12
Myford No.32 changewheel £12
Myford No.33 changewheel £13
Myford No.34 changewheel sold
Myford No.35 changewheel £13
Myford No.36 changewheel £14
Myford No.37 changewheel £14
Myford No.38 changewheel £14
Myford No.39 changewheel sold
Myford No.40 changewheel £15
Myford No.42 changewheel £16
Myford No.43 changewheel £16
Myford No.45 changewheel £17
Myford No.47 changewheel sold
Myford No.50 changewheel £19
Myford No.51 changewheel £20
Myford No.52 changewheel £20
Myford No.53 changewheel £20
Myford No.54 changewheel £21
Myford No.55 changewheel £21
Myford No.57 changewheel £22
Myford No.60 changewheel sold
Myford No.61 changewheel £23
Myford No.62 changewheel £24
Myford No.64 changewheel £25
Myford No.66 changewheel £25
Myford No.73 changewheel £28
Myford No.75 changewheel £29
Myford No.80 changewheel £31
Myford No.81 changewheel £31
Myford No.85 changewheel £33
Myford No.90 changewheel £35
Myford No.95 changewheel £37

All prices exclusive of Vat @ 20%.
Prices subject to change without notice
Deliveries arranged nationwide. Export facilities are available.

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